Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to describe how we collect, store, use and protect your personal data. You accept this policy by creating an account. We reserve the right to update or change any part of this Privacy Policy.

All future changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this page without prior notice. Our current Privacy Policy applies to all information we hold about you and your account. We will never make big changes to our policies to weaken the protection of prior customer information.

By using our services, you agree to the collection, use and storage of your personal data in accordance with this Policy. Using the site after the publication of the updated version of the Privacy Policy means that you accept the terms of the new policy. If you do not agree with any edits and changes, you must immediately stop using our site.

Collection of personal data

1.1 When you registering on our site, you must enter your name and email.

1.2. Before allowing you to use our Service, we must require you to provide additional information that we can use to verify your identity. For example, a phone number.

1.3 We collect information that is parsed automatically when you use our service.

1.4 We collect information about your activities on our service, including the time of using the service and the IP address.

Protection of personal information

2.1. We store and process your personal information on highly secured specialized servers and protect it by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in accordance with applicable law. We use computer defenses such as firewalls and data encryption, and we apply physical control over access to our media and files.

Use of personal data

3.1 Our primary concern in collecting personal data is to provide you with a safe, efficient and personalized approach.

3.2 We may use the information we receive from you when you register. If you have left us your social media contact information, we may use it to add you to our official social media groups.

Controlling personal data

4.1. You can control how we use your personal information to provide you with our services. Contact us if you want to delete \ change your account information. To do this, you can use mail, Telegram: @mrpnl or contact form:

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us.