Terms and rules


Main terms of public offer

    1. The information below is an official offer of the online service https://mrpnl.com to any individual.
    2. By using our service or adding money to the account, client confirms the agreement and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer.
    3. The commission from your profit is indicated on the Price page of our website: https://mrpnl.com/pricing/
    4. MR.PNL has the right to change the comission anytime.
    5. Customers obligations to pay the comission are considered fulfilled from the moment the MR.PNL receives the funds.
    6. The order for adding monet to the account is carried out by the client through the pay page in the personal account of the online service https://mrpnl.com
    7. During the adding funds, the customer confirms that he has no claims regarding the commision of payment processor or time for monet ro appear in the personal account.
    8. You are able to withdraw money from your account wallet to the source of payment. To do this you need to contact our support via Telegram or email. It could take up to 7 days.  Minumum amount is $10.
    9. MR.PNL is not liable for damage caused to the client during using our service.

Working process

    1. It is restricted to withdraw or use money from your deposit if the bot is active. Please contact us or manage your exchange funds when the bot is disabled. In other case the subscription will be stopped
    2. It is restricted to set limit orders, cancel bot’s ones or change your position manually if the bot is working. In other case the bot will be stopped
    3. We do not work with futures or any other high-risky instruments. 
    4. We do not disclose our trading bots configurations. 
    5. Trading bots settings could be changed depends on the market condition and volatility.
    6. If you have the position opened, orders will remain active. It does not matter whether the bot is active or stopped. 
    7. If we have any issues with the bot setup for your account, we will contact you as soon as possible via Telegram/Email address with the required solution. 
    8. If we receive any errors when the position is already opened, we will notify you about that immediately via MR.PNL bot or email. 

Subscription configuration

    1. It is required to enter the correct amount of your bot deposit in the bot configuration. In other case, the bot may work incorrectly which may lead to significant losses.
    2. The minimum deposit for the correct work is $250.
    3.  If the API configurations are updated, it is required to enter the correct API information instead. In this way, the bot will be stopped. 


    1. We are charging 20% of your profits. Exchange commision is not included.
    2. If your balance becomes less than $0, you will have 3 days trial period to add money to your account. Otherwise, your bot will be stopped.
    3. It is possible to add funds to your account by using credit card or cryptocurrencies.
    4. In order to pay your invoice, you need to go to the Pay page, enter the correct amount and confirm the transaction on the payment processor’s side.
    5. You are able to withdraw money from your account wallet to the source of payment. To do this you need to contact our support via Telegram or email. It could take up to 7 days. Minumum amount is $10.


Please note that the market is unpredictable. We do not guarantee that you will not lose your money by using our service. However, we do our best is order to make our service safe to use. What is more, we cannot provide you with the exact percentage of the monthly income that you will receive. Thank you for your understanding!

Company information

    • Company name: MR.PNL
    • Address: Ukraine, Volynski region, Tarasove, Poliska street 6. 45625 
    • Recipient code: 3648402892
    • IBAN: UA093052990000026003001006315
    • Bank name: АТ КБ “ПРИВАТБАНК”